Vamos A Comer

Jorge Elias


Writer, Producer, Director

Vamos a Comer with Jorge Elias

Vamos A Comer
Jorge Elias
Food Journalist
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Jorge Elias
  The Hollywood Channel brings this exclusive localized restaurant TV program to the Los Angeles Hispanic Market.

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Airing on local MUNDOFOX 22 KWHY Los Angeles, and on the national Mexicanal TV network, Vamos a Comer is a half-hour TV show, hosted by food journalist Jorge Elias, highlighting the “Best restaurants”. A 6 minute “vignette” like a mini-documentary featuring your restaurant will be integrated as part of this half-hour TV show .

The segments consists of interviews with owner – manager - chef as well as the best dishes and drinks you have to offer, encouraging the TV viewing audience to visit your restaurant that’s only a short drive away!

You need a video of your restautant
Because nothing helps sell a product like a video. Think of this production as a "Mini Documentary" on your restaurant, showcasing your passion, your philosophy, your dreams and the care you put into your food and wine and everything you do.

Why cater to the Hispanic Market
Fact: Latinos are majority in California
Latinos get most of their education, entertainment and news from Television

Vamos a Comer
You will reach the Hispanic Market
Invite Jorge Elias to visit your restaurant