Nosotras Las Mujeres

Jorge Elias


Writer, Producer, Director


Show Description

NOSOTRAS... LAS MUJERES is a 30 minute daily Spanish talk show that aired as "Nuestras Perspectivas" in the defunct GEMS Television Network.

Created by Jorge Elias, who also serves as the show's executive producer, the program features a panel of women as co-hosts.

In this new version, Nancy Agosto moderates discussions among Patricia De León and Fabiana Lizárraga. The idea of women talking to one another on daytime television is not exactly radical.

What makes NOSOTRAS... LAS MUJERES is that shares with the audience feelings more complicated, and real, than other shows. NLM it's all about freedom in an uptight world. Nancy, Patricia, and Fabiana, have confessed to a lot of things on the show that women are supposed to feel guilty about: enjoying fat foods, being too lazy to exercise, hating skinny models, letting the kids watch too much TV, admiring Latino men, and apparently, they don't care what people think.

They do not aim at being role models, they just to talk to each other like real friends or neighbors do.